The Dilemma – Book Review

The Dilemma by B A Paris is about a family and the secrets they are hiding from one another.

Livia is excited to celebrate her 40th birthday by throwing an extravagant party that she has spent the past 20 years dreaming about and planning. On the morning of the party, her husband – Adam, discovers some potentially devastating news about their daughter, Marnie – who is studying abroad. Instead of telling Livia what he has found out, he spends the whole day hiding and torturing himself with the information so as not to ruin her special day.

As a mother, The Dilemma is one of the most stress-inducing, frustrating books I have read in a long time. I read the book within a couple of days, as the heartbreaking – yet bizarre, storyline meant it was a definite page-turner.

The storyline itself reminded me of one from a 90’s soap opera due to the number of secrets and amount of drama within the family. I cannot say I warmed to any of the characters, except the son, Josh, who is a side character in the book. I could not help but feel extremely sorry for him. I found Livia and Adam particularly unlikeable, and their actions irritated me.

Although it sounds as though I am not the biggest fan of this book, I would recommend it. Any book that stirs such an emotional response towards the characters, whether positive or negative, is well-written and deserves credit.

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