In Five Years – Book Review

In Five Years, by Rebecca Serle, is a story about love, friendship and loss. It was quite a difficult read for me – emotionally.

Dannie is a successful, career-driven 30-something-year-old. She has her perfect job, perfect apartment and perfect fiance. On the night of her engagement, Dannie has a vivid dream about the future. In her dream, she is in a strange apartment and with a different man. Dannie, although confused, pushes the dream aside. However, without her realising it, it has planted a seed of doubt in her mind. When she meets the man from her dreams 5 years later, she cannot help but wonder what it all means.

Without spoiling the book, the book is ultimately a story about loss and one very significant to me. I lost a friend to cancer in her 30’s, two years ago. The story very much reflects the experience I experienced, and it brought up a lot of grief and heartache. I have never cried so much whilst reading a book, and the story stuck with me for weeks after.

Although a painful read, I was completely invested in the story thanks to the brilliant writing of Rebecca. Therefore, I would 100% recommend this book.

2 thoughts on “In Five Years – Book Review

  1. I’m sorry for you loss. The book was a quick read and afterwards it left alot to think about. One of the biggest questions I pondered was ” if given the chance would I want to see a glimpse of my future 5 years from now” Thank you for the awesome review!

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    1. Thank you! I definitely wouldn’t want to see into the future, I’m happy to just know the present day 🙂 have you read ‘Dinner List’ by this same author? It’s on my to be read list.


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