Ghosts – Book Review

Ghosts, by Dolly Alderton, is about a 30-something-year-old woman named Nina.

Nina has a successful career, owns a flat in London and has many friends. However, the one thing she is missing is someone to share her life with. With the encouragement of her friend Lola, Nina signs up to a dating app and meets Max, ‘the perfect man’ – or so she thinks.

Although I didn’t particularly relate to this book or warm to Nina, I know that many women will have shared a similar experience of being ‘ghosted’ by a man.

The other sub-story within the book is about Nina’s father, who is deteriorating quickly due to Dementia. Nina worries that her mother is not helping or taking the illness as seriously as she should.

At first, I thought the book title was related to the father losing his memories and those memories being the ‘ghosts’ – which I guess is partly true. I have to admit that I would have enjoyed the book more if it focused on Nina and her father’s relationship and the heartbreak of losing someone to Dementia. Although briefly explored, it is interrupted by Nina’s failed romance, and it doesn’t quite go to the depths that it has the potential to go to.

Even though this book was not my cup of tea, I would still recommend it, especially to those who have experienced the online world of dating.

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