Mindful Art: Quiet the Mind

Over the years, as an over-thinker, I have found several activities that I turn to so that I can quiet my mind. One of these activities is art.

I have discovered that mindful art is a form of meditation that promotes wellbeing and creativity. It enables me to bring myself back to the here and now and to be completely present in the task at hand.

Even if you don’t think you are very artsy, you can still partake in mindful art. Doodling, colouring books or just exploring different types of art media can all provide mindfulness. As long as you set an intention and are fully present in each moment, you too can achieve meditation through art.

I find that hours can pass where I have not had a single β€˜outside’ thought popping into my head, which is strange at first, but a very peaceful place to be.

Recently, I found that my anxiety levels were increasing. So, I decided to pick up my iPad, open Procreate and start drawing. The wise owl was my inspiration, which I aptly drew meditating.

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